Jack The Ripper Plot Synopsis

A detective, caught between the dated customs of the 1880s and the enlightenment of the industrial revolution, must face his demons when confronted by the most famous serial killer in history: Jack the Ripper.

Frederick Abberline is the successful, yet despised, detective of Scotland Yard who uses new methods of investigation under the unconvincing eyes of supervisor, Joseph Chandler. A brutal murder in London's East End brings the wrath of Commissionor Warren to The Yard and forces Abberline and Chandler to tentatively join forces in order to catch their man.

Waiting for Abberline in the shadows of the East End is Mary Kelly, a "woman of the streets" who pines for his affection in order to escape her world of poverty. Equally desperate is Emma Abberline, the proper wife who must endure her husband's responsibilities to the Yard and his wavering heart.

Using modern methods of investigation, Abberline is hot on the trail of Jack the Ripper. Advances in the case are followed by setbacks when Abberline's street contacts are killed one buy one. As the investigation intensifies, Chandler and Abberline realize the walls have ears and windows have eyes.

As the suspects fall and the tension mounts, Abberline and Chandler follow the clues that lead them closer to the truth. As a result, the detectives confront each other, and finally, the killer: Jack the Ripper.



Frederick Abberline:
First Detective and foundation of Scotland Yard. It is his innovative techniques and ways of dealing with people that 1) gets results and makes the Yard the most powerful police force in the world, yet 2) Keeps him from rising through the ranks. He frightens the established officers and strikes out on his own and solves cases that baffle the establishment. Frederick believes in humanity and equality more than do other officers and this keeps him from becoming too "class" orientated. His “street contacts” give him a unique insight into the workings of the underworld. Emma Abberline is his wife.

Joseph Chandler:
Intelligent Detective of the Whitechapel police force that works closely with Scotland Yard. A rival of Frederick Abberline as they have been together many years on the force, which has learned all he knows through Frederick's guidance. He has the manners and gentlemanly qualities, combined with the skills, to progress in the department. Joseph questions his counterpart’s investigative techniques but knows that Frederick is effective. The "Jack the Ripper" case was to be his breakthrough assignment.

Commissioner Warren
The Head of Scotland Yard. A popular public figure in London and is facing reelection in the upcoming months. Many complain he is more concerned with his reputation than his policing skills, but his detectives are quite capable and he keeps London quiet. He is from the old school of police work and his techniques are rigid, and by the book. Never deters from the manners and customs of the early 1800s.

Constable Jenkins:
A Constable of the of the Scotland Yard force. An incapable oaf who has achieved his position on "who" he knew rather than "what" he knew. His ability to leech on to other's success has brought him through the ranks. Yet, when the time comes for him to act on his own, he hasn’t the ability to shine. His success has made him lazy and gives him limited vision, but no matter how inept, he feels he should be running the show.

John Pizer:
Homeless and teetering on the edgy of insanity, he is a fixture of the East End. A Polish immigrant known for trouble, who has had many conflicts with the police. His involvement in the Jack the Ripper case is unquestioned.

Emma Abberline:
Frederick's wife. A member of the upper class, she originally married Frederick for his radical ideals and rebellious middle class status. Years of marriage, however, have pushed them apart as Frederick is unwilling to adhere to the rules of the nobility. Although she has deep feelings for him her upbringing continually separates them and their marriage is now one of convenience. She does not question his possible affairs for fear she will not have anyone to turn too. Very proper and is the slave to her upper class status. Hers is a dark secret.

Mary Kelly:
Prostitute. A former nanny for a prominent British family, she was forced to the streets when it was thought that she was having an affair with the husband. Life on the streets has left her sad and lonely. One of Frederick's main contacts on the streets and the two have formed a bond. Although very intelligent, she is as racy as Emma is proper.

Polly Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddows:
Prostitutes. Women of the streets who have the unfortunate fate to meet an early demise due to their interludes with Jack.

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